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Penn Manor

Penn Manor School District

Spanning over 100 square miles, Penn Manor is one of Lancaster County’s largest school districts. This charming district stretches across the rural towns between the Susquehannah River and Lancaster City down to the Susquehannock State Park. A map of the district highlights the four main townships encompassed within the region—Millersville, Manor, Pequea, Conestoga, and Martic. Each township brings it’s own Lancaster charm, unique amenities, and lovely family homes. 


While Millersville is the smallest of all Penn Manor’s townships, it’s most densely packed with restaurants, coffee shops, and city parks. Sitting just 2 miles southwest of Lancaster City’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, Millersville locals can easily access any city amenities and job opportunities. 

Despite it’s many city perks, Millersville offers residents a quieter suburban feel than Lancaster City’s neighborhoods. The area draws families, young professionals, and college students attending Millersville University. Nextdoor, the highly-rated Penn Manor High School sits along the University’s campus. 


Manor Township expands all the way from Lancaster City to the Susquehannah River. This single township is home to 9 parks. Throughout the year, families bring their children to the playgrounds at Creswell Park, Herr Park, and the Manor Township Community Park. The Enola Low Grade Rail Trail stretches for over 5 miles and makes for the perfect biking spot. 

Homes in Manor Township vary in style, size, and price point. Spacious, single-family homes can be found for as little as $185K and as much as $600K. Here, you’ll find a mix of historic homes, midsized townhomes, and upscale suburban new builds. 


The popular Pequea Township features many outdoor amenities. On hot days, Lancaster locals throw tubes into the Pequea Creek. Wind Cave (nicknamed Cold Cave because of it’s freezing temperatures) sits within Pequea Township and is one of the largest tectonic caves in the easter United States. 

Frequented tourist spots, like The Amish Farm and House, the Railroad Museum, and Dutch Wonderland are just next door in the Willowstreet Community. Sitting just 3 miles outside of downtown, Pequea locals can quickly access all of Lancaster City’s restauarants, bars, breweries, employers, and parks. 


Between Millersville and Martic, Conestoga Township emits Lancaster County’s peaceful tranquility. It’s vast natual expanse covers dense wooded properties, rolling farmland, and riverside spanses.

On the northern edge of the township, homes take on the typical Lancaster City historic look. Old brick homes with stone detailing sell for around $300K. As you move further south, houses take on cabin characteristics with full-length backdecks. Inbetween, you’ll find expansive suburban new builds for $600K. 


On the southern tip of the Penn Manor School District, residents of the Martic Township sit up against the Susquehanna River, the Muddy Run Power Reservoir, and Susquehannock State Park. In this quieter corner of Lancaster County, beautiful outdoor tranquility meets rolling, rural Lancaster County hillside. 

The beautiful Susquehannock State Park offers green space and hiking trails with panoracmic views of the riverfront. In the 360-acre Martic Township Park leaf-laden trails wind around rockyhillsides and small creeks. Along 272, residents can access closeby family-run pubs, BBQ shops, and pizzarias. BrickHouse Coffee and Kitchen, set up in a historic brick home sits less than 10 minutes from Martic’s homes. 

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