Employee Enrichment
Program (EEP)

The Niv Lemoine Real Estate Group’s EEP is a complimentary benefit that we offer our Business Partners to help you add value to your employees.



Powerful Benefits for your employees. No cost to you.

Your Employees Will Thank You


2 On-site Seminars a Year

Learn insider secrets from real estate experts with more than 12 years experience within the local market.


Complimentary Meal

All employees receive a complementary meal. Presentation times are flexible.


$1,000 Closing Cost Credit

Any employee who purchases a home through our EEP will receive $1,000 closing costs credit.

Company Value

How Does the EEP Benefit You as an Employer?

  • Creates a more involved and motivated work place producing more outcome.
  • With employees who are satisfied and engaged, your organization will be positioned to achieve maximum customer rating and  productivity.
  • Encourages and provides learning opportunities making your employees feel valued & esteemed in their work environment. 
  • Provides you as an employer, additional tools to retain valuable employees. Therefore minimizing turnover and grievances.

Employee Value

How Does the EEP Benefit Your Employees?

  • Provides employees with opportunities to further their success on and off the job.
  • Increases employees’ feeling of recognition and ability to achieve.
  • Boosts energy of employees with the increase of a further reward.
  • Provides motivation for establishment & advancement in society.
  • Gives a sense of deeper comradery as coworkers are helping one another work towards a similar goal beyond the workplace.

The details

How Does The EEP Work?

Employer decides to participate in the EEP by becoming a Business Partner (BP).

  1. First 2 Enrichment Seminars are scheduled by TNLREG’s Administrative office in cooperation with your administrative office.
  2. Employer’s name is added to our EEP Page on our website.
  3. Employees who decide to take advantage of the EEP’s benefits visit our website’s EEP page and select their employer from the drop-down menu & request a FREE consultation with one of our agents.
  4. EEP benefits apply automatically once consultation is requested.

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