Lancaster: The Best Retirement City

Why Lancaster is One of the Country’s Top Places for Retirement

Picking where to retire is a big decision. That’s why each year, U.S. News & World Report analyzes the top 150 metro areas to find the best retirement locations the country has to offer. This year, our beloved Lancaster was the first non-Florida location to make the list, and it proudly claimed 5th place overall. 

U.S. News isn’t the only one noticing the quiet yet burgeoning Lancaster County. Dave Ramsey recently gave Lancaster a shout-out in his 10 Best Cities to Retire list. Our city is catching the eye of the working force from surrounding cities, like Philadelphia, D.C., Baltimore, and New York. Recently, Lancaster’s quiet countryside, suburban amenities, and growing downtown has become a sight for sore eyes. 

So, what makes Lancaster outshine other cities when it comes time to retire? Why has Lancaster County repeatedly won national-level awards as a top retirement destination? Below, we’ll talk about the four biggest reasons why people are spending their golden years in our own Lancaster County. 

Lancaster Offers Strong and Ample Health Care

Lancaster not only offers its own high-quality healthcare resources within the community but it also is conveniently located near major health hub cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore. As a result, locals have a plethora of hospitals and health systems to choose from. 

Some of the best hospitals in the country, such as Johns Hopkins, are within easy reach from Lancaster. The local Lancaster General Health integrated with Penn Medicine in Philadelphia, which brought big-city medical resources to our community. UPMC Pinnacle hospitals in Lancaster and Lititz, WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital, and the Penn State Medical Group centered in nearby Hershey offer additional options within Lancaster County. 

Lancaster’s Retirees Are Some of the Happiest

Lancaster’s “Happiness” Scale, according to U.S. News, is through the roof. Their Gallup-Healthways study shows that “Lancaster residents specifically experience enjoyment at higher rates than people living in almost any other metro in the USA.”

Lancaster’s fresh air, open space, affordability, strong community, and financial, health, and wellness benefits all play a part in our local pride and satisfaction. But it’s also perfect for seniors who like to leave home and travel. Within less than a day’s drive (or train ride), residents can reach Niagra Falls, Virginia Beach, New York City, or Washington D.C. 

In addition, Lancaster offers an amazing dining scene. Farm to Table spots pull ingredients from the region’s rich agriculture. Locals can shop for fresh food at farmers’ markets. Pennsylvania brings abundant springs, warm summers, colorful falls, and Christmasy winters. Its beautiful, full range of seasons allows locals to enjoy outings throughout the year. 

The region is also steeped in history and culture. Lancaster County is one of America’s oldest inland cities, founded in 1742. Classical music, art museums, and historic homes show off the city’s intriguing past. Lancaster’s culturally rich downtown also features regular entertainment like live theater, art galleries, shopping, and plenty of restaurants. 

Lancaster Values All Stages of Life

In Lancaster, every age bracket is welcome. The city has intentionally created transportation options, social participation, and community service offerings that cater to the preferences of mature adults in the community. The city has also pledged to “focus on ensuring that the unique needs of individuals over age 60 are being actively addressed.” 

Our city was recently titled an Age-Friendly City Destination by the World Health Organization (WHO) and AARP. In Lancaster, regardless of your age, you’ll be a valuable and respected part of our community. 

Looking to Spend Your Golden Years in Lancaster?

With all its benefits, you might not believe that Lancaster is also budget-friendly. Pennsylvania remains one of the 37 states that doesn’t collect tax on Social Security income, and it’s one of the only twelve that doesn’t tax pension income. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to begin this next exciting chapter of your life, look no further than top-ranking and affordable Lancaster County. Reach out to your friends here at the Niv Lemoine Real Estate Group today. We’ll find you a home in Lancaster that will meet all your retirement housing needs. Whether you’re dreaming of a countryside cottage, a chic city condo, or a friendly 55+ community, we’ll help you get there.