Throw a Memorable House Warming Party

So you’ve moved! Hopefully you’ve found a beautiful home you’re ready to show off. Below, we’ll give you a few tips on how to throw the most memorable house warming party and start this new chapter off right. 

Tip #1: Wait a week or two.

Your move is such a momentous occasion and takes so much prep in advance that it’s common to forget all the work that comes after move day. Unless you’re an extreme minimalist, there’s a lot to unpack. 

You’ll also be settling in, establishing new routines, and potentially ironing out details for your kids and new jobs. In the middle of all these duties, most of us would not be in the mood to host a houseful of guests. 

So give yourself a breather and don’t plan your party right out of the gate. Give yourself time to unpack and set up everything. This way, your home will be at its prettiness-peak when your guests arrive. 

Tip #2: Make the details clear.

Next, it’s time to do some desk work. Pick the date and time for your party, and create your invite list. Now’s a great time to get to know the neighbors, so consider sending a few invitations their way. 

When you send your invitations, give your guests a week or more advance notice. Make sure to include easy-to-follow directions, including a short description of your house and parking instructions. 

Tip #3:  Make a great first impression.

While good friends and family might be the main people on your invite list, they’ll love you all the more if you plan a party full of great memories. 

One way to accomplish this is to make a great first impression. In fact, we often think back and evaluate how a party went by our first impression of it. 

So have some drinks ready to hand over to your guests as they enter. Make your party extra memorable by picking a theme, whether that’s something general like a seasonal theme or something a little more creative like a beer-tasting theme.

Tip #4: Fill your fellows’ bellies.

A drink in their hands will make your guests feel more comfortable. But food on their plates will make them feel blessed. Make sure to provide food–whether that’s fancy charcuterie boards or a casual hot-dog grill out. 

Whatever level the cuisine, try this trick: bring the food out in stages or courses. Breaking up the party with different activities and dishes makes it easier for your guests to chat and connect with each other.

Tip #5: Load them up and send them off.

You might be hoping to get a few housewarming gifts and end the party with a stocked bar. But you can make a great ending to your party by sending off your guests with a little gift. 

Consider bagging up little gifts like candles, wine stoppers, baked goods, or bottle openers. Or you can pick a gift in-line with your party theme. Even if it’s small, you can send your guests home with a smile remembering your party fondly. 

Forget perfection. Stick to your people.

We hope these tips help you feel more confident and your guests feel more comfortable. After all, serving our people is what we’re passionate about. So much so, we even throw our buyers a free House Warming party! As a last word of encouragement, don’t worry about perfecting the party details. 

The most memorable parties are those where good friends or new friends gather, can leave their worries at the door, and enjoy each others’ company. So when all is said and done, just spend time with your people. The details can take the backseat.