Lancaster Series: Cabbage Hill

Welcome to Historic & Charming Cabbage Hill

One of Lancaster’s downtown neighborhoods, Cabbage Hill sits in the middle of all the city action. But despite its central location, this historic neighborhood exudes an old and quiet charm.

In Cabbage Hill, locals are friendly to one another and prefer a relaxed atmosphere. Its calm streets are lined by sidewalks, making it easy for families to walk from their homes to the surrounding public green spaces, like the Lancaster Community Park, Culliton Park, and Brandon Park.

Step Back in Time

Cabbage Hill is located in the SE section of Lancaster City.

Cabbage Hill’s history is a long one. Manor Street, the oldest street on the Hill, was once a well-traveled Native American trading trail before the city of Lancaster was founded in 1729.

West Strawberry Street, the Hill’s second oldest street, also has a long story.

The street had a humble beginning as a dirt cowpath that marked the southwest edge of central Lancaster when James Hamilton laid out his building lots in 1729. 

Today, Manor Street, which runs along the northeastern border of Cabbage Hill, is home to the neighborhood’s most popular eateries. Here, you’ll find Japanese, Latin American, and Italian restaurants sitting alongside casual late-night hubs like O’Halloran’s Irish Pub

A Nature-Lover’s Dream

A View of Historic Rockford located in Lancaster Central Park

This historical neighborhood sits just a few blocks from the sprawling Lancaster County Central Park. A large green space, this leafy spance in the city offers city dwellers ample space to exercise and enjoy some fresh air. It’s home to various outdoor recreational features including a pool, skate park, hiking trails, a golf club, and a camping area. 

Additionally, Cabbage Hill’s close-knit residents regularly get together. The nearby Lancaster Recreation Center hosts plenty of family-friendly activities, and neighborhood churches often host local events for the community. In the last few years, Cabbage Hill gained a tranquil nature trail and added a new playground behind the recreation center, providing space for locals and families to enjoy time outdoors together throughout the year. 

Real Estate in Cabbage Hill

As an up-and-coming area, there are plenty of newly renovated homes like this one throughout the Cabbage Hill area

Like many of Lancaster’s other neighborhoods, Cabbage Hill’s real estate offerings are full of rowhomes.

Current homes for sale come in a wide range of price-points, with charming smaller spaces selling for under $70K and houses with updated modern additions selling for over $200K. 

Also, Public transportation is highly available in Cabbage Hill. Residents can easily access all of Lancaster’s jobs and amenities by hopping on a bus at one of the many bus stops throughout the neighborhood. Families in Cabbage Hill have access to several nearby schools, including Hamilton Elementary School and Reynolds Middle School, among others. 

Looking to Move to Lancaster?

Finally, we hope our walkthrough of Cabbage Hill was helpful. And if you decide to take the plunge and move to burgeoning Lancaster, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends here at The Niv Lemoine Real Estate Group. We help people like you find the perfect home in their price range, and we would love to help.

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